Marine Projects

Watch Hill Beach, RI - Concrete Sea Wall

In Watch Hill, RI, we repaired and built additions to the seawall after Hurricane Sandy did significant damage.

Bold Point/Oakland Beach Dock Renovation, RI-DEM

Removal and disposing of existing docks steel decking and framing. Installation of new galvanized steel decking and rub rails.

Watch Hill Lighthouse Seawall Replacement

Removed Hurricane Sandy damaged stone seawall. Formed cast in place, battered concrete sea wall with form liner seaside finish. Install natural stone faced seawall on land side. Install 2000 tons of stone revetment. Provide finish landscaping and asphalt paving.

Kings Park Sea Wall - Newport, RI

In Newport, RI, we repaired and built additions to the seawall at Kings Park.

Town of Jamestown East Ferry Landing

In Jamestwon, RI, we formed and poured all dock curbing and piers. Also, we installed all steel railing systems, new electric service, and electric pedestals. Carpentry services including chaffing rails and platform ladders.

Department of Environmental Management Stonebridge Boat Ramp

In Portsmouth, RI, we handled the demolition of the existing concrete boatramp and installed a new pre-cast concrete boat ramp and asphalt paving. The toe of the new boat ramp was 12' below the water surface.